#100wordbookreview High Performers by @alatalite

This book transformed my understanding and philosophy of the role of middle leaders in schools. It is far more than this however, setting out the findings from highly successful schools from across the country.

Exploring a wide range of aspects including teaching, culture, curriculum content and self awareness Smith shares both insights and powerful reflective questions.

As well as these Smith shares what he feels are observable features of outstanding lessons; though not Ofsted ratified they do provide a range of ideas worth engaging with when reflecting upon what makes lessons great.

Essential reading for school leaders at all levels.

Barry Dunn – @SeahamRE


#100wordbookreview An Ethic of Excellence by Ron Berger

A text which lives up to its name; a beautifully crafted narrative sharing an inspirational educators philosophy and principles.

As well as telling a personal heart warming tale of making education purposeful, personal and relevant this book shares how to apply these principles in your practice. Extolling the importance of community, both inside and outside of the classroom, and the impact it has on learning.  Berger is honest about the effort and care taken to make the right culture and meaningful projects happen. He also shows why it’s worth it.

If you’re passionate about education this is an essential text.

Barry Dunn – @SeahamRE

#100wordbookreview The First 20 Minutes by Gretchen Reynolds

In this book, Gretchen Reynoldsattempts to ‘bustmyths’ by simply explaining current research in the field of exercise and health. Her focus is on unpacking how much exercise you need for fitness and how much you need for health. In her attempt to sell her message there are some factual omissions and inaccuracies. 

However whether you are a PE teacher, a coach of a youth sports team or just interested in you own health and wellbeing this is a book that will question what you think you know about exercise.

Guest Post by @ImSporticus whose inspirational blog can be found here.

#100wordbookreview The Connected Leader by Emmanuel Gobillot

This books is a leadership masterpiece exploring organisations in their dual forms; traditional hierarchy and the actual connections between individuals.

Exploring what is needed to harness the huge potential within any organisation by developing the connections between individuals and groups. This isn’t socially engineering your organisation but ensuring individuals get the support they need to grow and succeed. Using this approach effectively ensures supporting both organisational and personal goals are aligned.

This work also explores the importance of measuring your own impact, the characteristics of effective connected leaders and how to develop meaningful dialogues.

Recommend to all interested in leadership.

Barry Dunn – @SeahamRE

#100wordbookreview Learning Reimagined by Graham Brown Martin

An eclectic selection of educational reflections from those at the forefront of harnessing technological change. Looking at how these innovators have attempted to harness technological advances to improve learning in their unique contexts.

The book provides interviews from a wide variety of international thinkers exploring many aspects of technologies role in education and society as a whole. It also goes much further than this looking at how these contexts impact on learning and possible solutions to the unique challenges faced as well as universal societal and educational challenges.

A coffee table book of think pieces to provoke thought and reflection.

Barry Dunn – @SeahamRE

Photo from the Digitally Confident Teachmeet in Newcastle 2014

#100wordbookreview Mindset by Carol Dweck

There’s a great deal out there on Mindsets and their implications for education. If you want to really understand what it’s all about and the deeper reasoning and research behind it Dweck expresses it in an accessible and fluid style.

Breaking down the impact of self esteem and the effect it has on motivation and achievement Dweck makes a compelling argument to develop growth Mindsets for ourselves and our learners.

Packed with research and anecdotes to illustrate key points this is a seminal piece on the cognitive theory of Mindsets which should be read by everyone interested in student achievement.

Barry Dunn – @SeahamRE


#100wordbookreview The Secret of Literacy by David Didau

More akin to prose than a tome on teaching, Didau reveals the one thing that assures us will enhance the literacy of our learners. We must take the implicit and make it explicit.

Numerous strategies to apply this wisdom are explored in detail and supported with flawless storytelling. These include lesson planning, oracy, reading, writing and feedback to support the holistic development of literacy throughout all aspects of teaching.

Didau also shares the concepts of others to give the reader the best of available wisdom. Didau transforms the way we understand language in our classroom.

Not just for English teachers;)

Barry Dunn – @SeahamRE


#100wordbookreview Why Don’t Students Like School by Daniel T Willingham

Willingham takes the reader through a logical and robust guide to the way students learn by sharing the most up to date research on cognitive psychology.

Explaining with great clarity commonly held beliefs on how learning works, he dispels myths and fallacies through interactive examples and fluid storytelling.

Each section summarises key concepts and offers ways in which we as educators can apply cognitive psychology in our classrooms.

In addition Willingham offers recommend reading at the end of each section in both more and less technical texts for accessibility.

I unreservedly recommend this accessible text on the psychology of learning.


#100wordbookreview Perfect ICT Every Lesson by Mark Anderson

This book provides a smorgasbord of ideas to enhance your students learning using digital technology.

Passionate about using technology for the right reasons, not just for the sake of it, Mark shares his philosophy and various models of using ICT in education.

Containing easy to follow advice on student blogs, utilising your ICT suite effectively, e-safety advice, learning with social media and setting up class blog projects I really feel anyone wanting to add some digital to their learning should read this book.

The book also contains links to numerous further treasure troves of information which can be accessed online.

Barry Dunn – @SeahamRE

#100wordbookreview Flip Your Classroom by Bergmann & Sams

This is a must have book if you are interested in starting your own flipped classroom journey. It takes you through the big idea behind the flipped classroom before giving you all the essential tips you need to make it a success in your own classroom. Bergmann and Sams were the pioneers of flipping classrooms and they talk at length about their vast experiences, the thoughts behind why they first decided to do it and their successes and failures along the way. You’ll find everything you need in this book from two of the world’s leading experts in this field.

Guest review by:-
Jon Tait – @TeamTait

Jon’s website can be found here…http://www.teamtait.co.uk