I recently wrote a piece on wellbeing reflections for the Christmas season on @InnovateMySchl which can be found here.

One of the concepts I mentioned was the idea of #futureyou and doing something every single day that the you (me?) of the future will benefit from. It doesn’t take away from my notice and enjoy the moment belief; merely making those moments more purposeful.

It’s something I’ve been doing for years, making sure I make time for family, professional development and personal growth. How to spend more time with loved ones seems obvious even if it is difficult and sometimes requires a bit of sacrifice.

Professionally I try to read something almost every day of the year (if I’m on a mountain I find it impractical) that will enhance my understanding of education. It doesn’t matter if it’s blogs or a bit of a good book, or even a book by someone I don’t really agree with. It’s important to challenge my thinking after all and reading alternative views is rewarding. If you like this idea why not actually subscribe to one of your favourite blogs; I always thoroughly enjoy seeing new posts in my inbox from the likes of @LearningSpy , @ICTEvangelist @mrsjacksonmusic , @dan_brinton and @lisajaneashes. It’s also free to subscribe to a blog; which is my favourite flavour.

From a personal point of view I always try to get a little exercise in every day, even if it’s only one set of weights or a mile run. I know every little counts. It’s not like I’m planning to become an Olympian, just keep the flesh and bone machine in good enough condition to do the things I enjoy. This year I’m planning to get back into martial arts training even though I’ll be rusty and soft round the edges as it’s a hobby I used to love that just fell by the wayside. Life gets busy sometimes and I know it’ll be a long journey to achieve my personal goals but I’m certain I never will if I don’t start. So next year why not pick up a lost love or find a new one (Remember I’m referring to hobbies like music and sport, not infidelity;)) Make a commitment to you as a better you is a better teacher. 

Why not share your plans on the #teacher5aday hashtag on Twitter.

Have a great Christmas and New Year.




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