The Archives

POP Targets: My presentation on target setting from the Apple Regional Training Centre Launch is here. 

Challenge, Conflict and Controversy: Some dirty tricks for creating cognitive conflict in your classroom here. 

Visiting the Belmont Learning Hubs: My experiences of visiting Dan Brinton to learn about his distributed leadership CPD model can be found here.

Ten Tips for Questioning (2015 Edition) can be found here.

What I learnt about teaching from The Godfather can be found here.

Tell Their Boss: Why we should send praise up the hierarchy here.

Big Day Out North East: A multi-blog series reflecting on the day:

Part 1 #BDONE

Part 2: #BDONE Gifted & Talented

#BDONE Part 3 – Highly Effective Teaching

#BDONE Part 4: Sharing with the ITL Associates

#BDONE Part 5: The Hollywood Effect

# BDONE Part 6 – The Keynotes

RE: What is it good for: Reflections on the purpose of RE here.

To Blog or Not to Blog: My thoughts on starting to blog here.

Twitter for CPD: My thoughts on using Twitter to make me a better teacher Here.

after being asked so many times where I get my enthusiasm from I share what motivates me here.

Generating Questions
3 simple techniques to get students asking questions from #TrinityTM can be found here.

Guess My Grade
An experiment in prophecy and reflections on the purpose of assessment can be found here.

What I learnt about teaching from Tim Minchin can be found here

Looking back at 2014 and forward to 2015; very little about teaching can be found here

Why @pedagoo
Explaining why I think @pedagoo is so important can be found here.

What really matters? #teacher5aday
My thoughts on teacher wellbeing

What makes an inspirational teacher?
Reflections following the #riddlemethised slow chat

Culture Shift – Christmas Special
Notes from my keynote at #TMSnowball 10/12/14

Directives for Research Projects
A brief post on a @LearningSpy idea I decided to try.

Guidelines for joining in on the slow chat.

Just one more thing…
A discussion activity that kept on growing…

What’s the Big Idea?
Presentation notes on “Why do we ask questions?” From #pedagoochristmasparty 2014

Planning for Metacognition
A brief summary of what metacognition is and a few ways to start incorporating it into lessons.

Practical Praise Initiative
Notes from presentation at #nceatm on why praise is important and a few ways to do it.

Keep Calm and Teach British Values
My response to the British Values in schools issue.

Getting DIRTy
Some brief thoughts on acting on feedback, with links to further recommend reading.

It’s All About The Extra
Reflections on making school special and why we should.

Why Teachmeets are Awesome
I share why I enjoy Teachmeets.

The Spy Who Loved Literacy
A write up of the trial of Slow Writing from @learningspy

Faith and Fame
Looking at the impact of beliefs on the lives of sports personalities and celebrities.

Advice for Leaders
Something to remember for leaders.

Differentiated Plenary Stickers
A quick way to differentiate your plenary.

Remembrance Day Writing Competition
A simple way to encourage reflection through literacy.


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