Ghosts of students past

It was year 10 parents evening tonight; always an experience that fills me with mixed emotions. Part of me is tired after a day of teaching and wants to get home to my wife and the boys, but I always thoroughly enjoy it. A mix of celebrating the successes and hard work of students and giving timely advice to help them move forward. No matter how tired I feel just beforehand I always love it once it’s in full swing. It’s also a great opportunity to build the relationships with home, after a few siblings go through your school it’s like catching up with old friends. That feeling of community is part of what makes the job so special for me.

Tonight was one of the best parts of the job as a few older siblings who were ex students had accompanied their families to parents evening. We also had a few ex students along with the local college representatives sharing the opportunities our students will have post 16.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the urgent and the things we do every day; essential in many ways to keep focused on making a difference to the students in front of us. But… The GCSE results aren’t the end of the journey; we’ve just given our students a foundation to build on, to go and make a life for themselves. Hearing about university offers and entrepreneurial plans tonight as wonderful examples of the journeys they are taking for themselves. Seeing them so happy with their lives and where they were heading fills me with great joy and reminds me that it is a privilege to teach.

Featured image made using Typorama app.


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