What is the #100wordbookreview http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-1g

100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers; Outstanding Lessons by Ross Morrison McGill http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-H

Action Research in The Classroom: Learning Through Practitioner Enquiry by Baumfield, Hall & Wall http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-2U

An Ethic of Excellence by Ron Berger  here.

The Best Job in The World by Vic Goddard http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-z

Challenging Learning by James Nottingham http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-1p 

The Connected Leader by Emmanuel Gobillot here 

Embedded Formative Assessment by Dylan Wiliam http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-1c

Finnish Lessons by Pasi Sahlberg http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-2r 

The First 20 minutes by Gretchen Reynolds Guest review by @ImSporticus here.

Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni (Guest Blog by @GlynYOGIPotts) http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-3w

Flip Your Classroom by Jon Bergmann & Aaron Sams (Guest Blog by @TeamTait) http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-3Z

The Hidden Lives of Learners by Graham Nuthall http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-10

High Performers by Alistair Smith http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-ay

How to Teach by Phil Beadle http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-21

Inspirational Teachers, Inspirational Learners by Will Ryan http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-28

Learning Reimagined by Graham Brown-Martin http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-7q

Lesson Study Edited by Peter Dudley http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-1k

The Little Book of Thunks by Ian Gilbert http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-W

MAnglish by Lisa Jane Ashes

Mindsets by Carol Dweck http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-68

Never Mind the Inspectors Here’s Punk Learning by Tait Coles http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-v

Oops! Helping Children Learn Accidentally by Hywel Roberts http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-N

Perfect ICT Every Lesson by Mark Anderson http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-48

Perfect Teacher Led CPD by Shaun Allison

The Secret of Literacy by David Didau http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-4W

The Thinking Teacher by Oliver Quinlan http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-R

Visible Learning for Teachers by John Hattie http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-13

Why Don’t Students Like School by Daniel T Willingham http://wp.me/p5hvJ8-4G

If you like 100 word summaries I really recommend @PeteJackson32 and his #100wordTandL whose #lovingthelearning blog can be found here http://pjlovingthelearning.wordpress.com


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