Pedagoo Posts

My contributions to @pedagoo can be found below:

Pedagoo Christmas Party – Questioning A brief overview linking to other sources shares in the group session here.

Observations: Scotland and England: Brief reflections on the differences in the two nations following #lovelearning14

Progress Challenge: A quick write up of our boys vs girls competition.

#takeawaycpd: A CPD variant of the @TeacherToolkit #takeawayhomework.

#lovelearning14: Notes from the Pedagoo event at Preston Lodge Sept 2014.

Culture Shift 2: My thoughts on managing change.

#cash4grades: Write up of my trial of the @TeacherToolkit idea.

Star Jar: A simple way to collect special moments to share at the end of the year.

Letters for Leaders: A literacy project with a real world impact.

Think Club #P4C: My simple guide to philosophy for children and a few trouble shooting tips.

Culture Shift: My thoughts on how we should treat each other in schools.

Evidence Made Easy(ish): Some ideas to protect the “fun” stuff in the classroom.

Thought Bombs: Splinter Cell: A write up of my trial of the @lisajaneashes Thought Bombs idea.

Top Ten Tips for Questioning: My first ever blog, a write up of my first ever Teachmeet presentation of the same name.



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