#BDONE Part 6 – Keynotes

Just in case we weren’t brimming with enthusiasm next up were two powerhouses of positivity to give their keynote speeches – Will Ryan & Dave Keeling.

Will Ryan – Dare to be different

Will started by boldly stating that maybe things are alright.

“Teaching in this country is at the highest level ever; if we were left alone maybe they would be better than alright.” 

We should look for the best bits, enjoy the richness and vivid nature of the English languages. We should teach children how to think. We should have school pride for all the wonderful things that are happening in our schools. We should be enjoying the things that are going well.

Will then suggested we should treat ourselves to a really special experience; a 3G lesson. Every once and a whole we should craft a lesson of such magnitude that not only the learner experiences it but the go home and tell their parents about it. So finely crafted that one day they will tell their own children. You can’t do it every day, but try and add a little magic where you can.

Final thought – Think this on the way out on a Friday:- What was the best thing that happened in my classroom this week? 

(Personal note:- You could also share it on #PedagooFriday.)

Dave Keeling – Make ’em laugh, make ’em learn

With great with and a few gentle nudges into innuendo Dave shared his thoughts on what makes learning memorable:-





By playing round with these ideas it makes the concepts you share more memorable. Then, once they have that knowledge, do something with it.

“Knowledge without action is just storage.”

What do we need to do to get students learning?

Relaxed and happy students learn. Humour is a form of social self esteem. When we laugh together confidence grows and learners engage. We need to make them want to get involved in their learning. They need space to get things wrong, otherwise they’ll never take a chance. They need the confidence to take chances to dig deep in their learning.



  1. Love this Barry – enthused from reading it. In particular I love this line “So finely crafted that one day they will tell their own children” – my aim every day and one that resonates wonderfully with the work I’m currently undertaking. Thank you. Stefan

    Liked by 1 person

    • barrydunn · July 12, 2015

      The idea of legacy in the work we do is a powerful concept. all of the magic came from the two
      Speakers. Thank you Stefan.


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