Big Day Out Newcastle #BDONE Part 5

The Hollywood effect with David Hodgson.

What’s really important in our lessons in what’s going on in the brain. We need to get them excited and engaged; we need to make a Hollywood movie of our subjects. Subject specialists have a rich and detailed vision of their subject; we need to share that film with our students. We also need to think about making the thinking efficient.

Three Big Ideas

1) Mood impacts on performance.

Look at the puppy room experiments where students stroked puppies for four minutes before taking a test and performed better.

In sport; you take time to get yourself in the right frame of mind whether it’s routine, chants, mantras of visualisation. You get yourself focused and in the mood for the task ahead.

Is this a wasted opportunity? We need to spend time making students relaxed, ready and curious. Not nervous and bored. We need to influence the mood of our classes:-

Push them towards it; gentles nudges and prompts.

OR drag them along with enthusiasm.

2) Activate the Learning

Use walk through memory techniques, attach ideas to landmarks. Move it, mark it out. Attach senses to ideas, the more stimuli and links to an idea the greater the recollection.

The example used was people who were good at spelling. 

1) Picture the word.

2) Say it, syllable by syllable.

3) Check gut feeling.

4) If it feels right it is right. Stop.

5) If it feels wrong go back to step one.

Activate your senses to improve learning; look at how the brain experiences the body.

3) Practice

Review at the end of the lesson; remind the brain what stuff is important. Focus on the small improvements.

The more the brain does something the more it will remember it. Make sure they review often and the right stuff.

Then it was time for lunch. (There won’t be a separate blog on the food.)

During lunch delegates were given opportunities for one to one consults with the Independant Thinking Associates. I was really impressed by this extra personal touch; Lisa obviously worked her team hard.

Barry Dunn – @SeahamRE


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