You’re nothing but a pack of cards

Here’s my latest reflections for the #teacher5aday project. It’s an acknowledgement that our job is a tough one; that fact has been eloquently expressed by @ICTEvangelist in his recent blog: Do Superheroes Cry? He also suggests ways in which we can act in order to have a negative impact on others less often. 

The thing I would like to offer when considering the pressures of our profession (or any other for that matter) is a simple question…

“Will it matter in ten years time?”

The reality is we’re subjective creatures who perceive through a lens of our personalities and past experiences. As the Talmud states “We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.” I’ll admit that may be slightly misquoted from memory but the point is our perception of the world and our situation is always in the context we set. 

What the question offers therefore isn’t a magical cure on those hard days when we are tired, grumpy, hurt or need a cry. What it does offer is perspective. When I’m having a grim day I always ask myself this question and it does help me regain the rich picture. I might still need a moan or tea and biscuits but it pulls me back into reality.

It also reminds me that some things only seem important at the time.

“Look after yourself and each other.” – Jerry Springer 

Barry Dunn – @SeahamRE


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