Big Day Out Newcastle #BDONE Part 4 

The real highlight of the day for me was the pedagogy speed date circuit where the ITL Associates were corralled from table to table to share instant impact teaching ideas…


Hywel Roberts

#Poundlandpedagogy A must follow hashtag. In simple terms you go and buy stuff for £1 and then do interesting things in your classroom which you share online. It’s a fun thing to challenge yourself to be creative on a limited budget. 

Example: Cut out people; you can get learners to write key characteristics of characters from plays and books. Get them to to write all they know OR things they’d like to know about the character and stick them up or even in their books.

Bonus share; Gordon from our table shared how he uses wipeable tablecloths as giant table cover whiteboards and lollipop sticks with names written on for no hands up.

Tait Coles

QFT: Question Formulation Technique

Start off by giving them a stimulus then…

1) Give them 5 minutes to come up with questions they want to answer.

2) Refine the questions; which ones are closed/open, or even worth investigating.

3) Share the questions.

4) Pick groups – do this by choosing which “ungoogleable” question to investigate.

5) Students have control of learning to research their question. Enquiry.

Martin Illingworth

Cut & Paste Poetry Challenge

In order to make cutting and pasting from the internet more interesting…

1) Cut and paste an A4 page of text.

2)Turn it into a poem using the following rules:-

  • Can’t add, only move words and punctuation.
  • Can delete.

Dr David George

Finish this sentence:- 

Thinking is… (Feel free to do this in the comments section or on Twitter)

(The whole purpose of education is thinking so it’s worth reflecting on what thinking is.)


Roy Leighton

The self confessed cynic offered 3 questions to make ourselves more effective and waste less time doing purposeless stuff.

1) What shall I keep?

2) What shall I develop?

3) What should I let go of?


  • Intellectually
  • Emotionally
  • Practically
  • Spirituality (inner harvest)

Dave Keeling

3 headed expert: get three students, each one takes it in turn to say one word to answer a question. The challenge is to keep it going. It can either get some great succinct answers or be a fun opportunity to stitch each other up. 

Tattoo Review: write one word to summarise your learning on the back of your hand. (Means they’ll think about it each time they look at it.)

Pick a letter; use as a review challenge for words linked to our topic beginning with ‘?’ Either pick a number or challenge to see who can generate the most.

Reflections: Lots of great little ideas we could take away and play with.

Barry Dunn – @SeahamRE



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