Big Day Out Newcastle #BDONE Part 2

Gifted and Talented with Dr David George

I was really excited for this one as I really enjoyed Gifted, Talented and Bored (which I will add to the #100wordbookreview at some point.)

“Education is all about children creating themselves.” 

It’s all about thinking, facts are on Google. 

David shared how people reach their maximum potential…





All children are good at something. People who reach the top practice and practice and practice. Look at Jonny Wilkinson or David Beckham, it took time, it took effort. (Locally Jonny is legendary for practicing his kicking 365 days a year.) Young people need to realise that working hard is important for success even for our most able students. Motivation is the key.

What are gifted and talented children?

3% of the population is gifted – good at everything. Sadly we lack a culture of achievement; we need it to be okay to be clever. Interestingly IQ 130+ is the old definition; Gardeners work confused this, and has now been refuted by many. Are we only measuring an ability to take tests? We test more than any other country in the world. 

Talented: 36% of people are outstanding in one realm, or just a few. These ideas are NOT interchangeable.

Plato called them the golden boys and girls, which has a lovely ring to it.

Are we looking for excuses for children rather than ways to support them. We need children to become exceptional adults. A surprising number of gifted/talented children go off the rails; we need to support their growth. 19% of life prisoners in the USA are gifted – 130+ IQ.

Talent exists across all sectors of society. After 2-3 generations there is a reversion to the norm. Talented children “pop up” all over the place. We need a culture of achievement. We need to teach all children how to study, how to learn, how to use a library, how to research, how to daydream.


The cure for underachievement:

1) Assessment – identify talent

2) Communication 

3) High Expectations

4) Role Model Identification 

5) Correction of Deficiencies

6) Reinforcement – practice

7) Patience, Dedication and Warm Encouraging Support

We also need to recognise that teachers are not the only factor. Here’s some interesting statistics shared:

90% of intelligence is laid down by the age of 5. 

17% of time spent in school.

33% of time spent in bed.

50% is therefore the hidden curriculum; making parents the most important teachers. Parents are the biggest role models.

We need gifted teachers for gifted children!

Final thought: If the brain is just a computer…how do we program this computer?

Now go away and educate the whole child… (His words not mine, but he said it in a heartwarming way.)

Barry Dunn – @SeahamRE


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