Why @pedagoo?

I’m a huge fan of @pedagoo as an institution and I’d like to share what makes it so important to me.

The @pedagoo community is one of equals, everyone’s views are welcomed and valued. There’s no egos; it’s all about the sharing and supporting each other. This is what makes it so special; I believe every teacher has nuggets of gold to share and we should always be ready to learn from each other.

The Blog
A lot of people are put off blogging due to the commitment of having to constantly post to maintain a blog. It’s a big commitment and you have to enjoy your writing to keep a blog going.

The @pedagoo group blog allows educators who have a great idea to share to do so without the hassle of having their own blog. It provided me with a medium to share my ideas once I had decided to write but didn’t know whether I’d want to keep up the commitment.

If you’ve got a great idea to share don’t be nervous, click the link http://www.pedagoo.org and have a go.

If you’ve ever been to #PedagooFriday on Twitter I hope you’ll agree that it’s a beacon of educational hope. Educators who are passionate about what they do sharing what they’re proud of and celebrating the positives of their week. I find that ending the week on such a high with new ideas to try the following week invigorates me. If you’re an educator and aren’t on Twitter yet I recommend joining for #PedagooFriday alone. If you’re on Twitter and haven’t had a look, come along and join in.

The Events
As well as providing a welcoming community of equals as an instant PLN, a great group blog and an inspirational way to end your week @pedagoo members also put on some fantastic events. Much like Teachmeets it’s about educators sharing what they do but @pedagoo does it a little differently with group seminars and time for deep dialogue on the issues considered. If you haven’t been to one make sure you look out for future events.

Barry Dunn – @SeahamRE


@lisajaneashes opening the 2014 #pedagoochristmasparty

A list of my blogs on @pedagoo with links can be found here.



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