#100wordbookreview How to Teach by Phil Beadle

A classic guide to classroom practice; this book shares a wide array of strategies and methods to improve learning and behaviour.

Exploring every aspect of the lesson process, the author offers various ways of addressing the learning in each section with wit and warmth making great teaching accessible to all.

Coupled with a no nonsense approach to fads, acronyms and jargon it deciphers many phrases bandied about so that the dialogue on what really works can be addressed.

I would suggest this as essential reading for any trainee teacher or NQT and as a welcome refresher for educational veterans.




  1. mrslhteach · November 17, 2014

    Phil Beadle’s book came out in my PGCE year. It is great. I’ve just given a copy to a pgce student at my school. Honest and funny about the job we do.


    • barrydunn · November 17, 2014

      Yeah; he pulls no punches and it is a great laugh whilst still full of great advice.


  2. gwenelope · November 17, 2014

    Reblogged this on The Echo Chamber.


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