Differentiated Plenary Stickers

I always liked the idea of the exit ticket; a quick reflection on the most important idea or concept from a lesson but wanted to make it a little more challenging for some.

Solution:differentiated exit ticket stickers. The twitter one asks for a simple description of the key idea in 140 characters; the Facebook post is the next level up asks for a paragraph to explain it. The highest level is the Golden Ticket which asks for a bit more (have a look at the sticker templates to see.)

The idea for Tweets and FB posts I’ve seen all over but I must mention @picktreelara for inspiring the Golden Ticket after seeing her use these as exit tickets at her wonderful Teachmeet presentation. They were made to look awesome by the fabulous technician team at school.

If you want to make sure students aren’t held back, allow them to pick higher level stickers to challenge themselves. With the right culture of learning in your class they’ll look for the challenge that’s right for them.

The images are in photo format but you can transfer them onto a Microsoft Word sticker template to print or onto PowerPoint as slides that can be printed, cut out and stuck into books.

Barry Dunn – @SeahamRE





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