What is the #100wordbookreview?

The most obvious answer is a review of a book in exactly 100 words; the purpose of it is a little more useful.

I’m often asked to recommend books on education so I though a series of very short reviews of books that I’d recommend might be an entertaining thing to do. Note: entertaining for me.

I gave myself 2 rules…

1) Each review must be 100 words exactly.

2) Each review must be positive.

These are recommendations, they’re not critiques, just sharing books I think others may value. In order to make it useful I’ve also tried to state who I would recommend it for when the word limit permits.

If you’d like to add a guest review of a book to the list as there’s a book you would gladly recommend to others feel free to contact me via Twitter. If someone is already working on it I’ll let you know. The two rules above always apply.

If you do guest a picture of you with the book would be a cheeky bonus;)

Happy reading,
Barry Dunn – @SeahamRE


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