Remembrance Day Writing Challenge


After seeing @FeDuncs post on the @ITLWorldwide #proudofmyclassroom feed (picture above) I realised that we weren’t having a writing competition for Remembrance Day. There’s a huge amount going on, but this seemed like a missed opportunity for children to reflect on the true nature of sacrifice and loss in war.

I think that this realisation of the realities of war becomes more important as many computer games and television shows portray the glorious side of conflict giving students a false image. I’m not saying war films weren’t like that when I was younger, but the impressive special effects and production values now seen glorify war far more than middle aged men looking tough on a low budget.

Therefore, after appropriate stimulus, the challenge is for students to write a letter, poem or diary entry from a World War One soldier’s point of view. A simple to organise competition which encourages children to develop their literacy skills and reflect upon the deeper issues of war.

I look forward to seeing what they come back with.



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